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Edwin Feliciano (Born on May 31st, 1991), better known by his stage name W.R.A.T.H (Writing. Real. And. True. Hip-Hop), is an American hip hop artist, songwriter, studio engineer, music producer, video director and video editor. He is of Puerto Rican decent and is currently unsigned to any record label. Wrath (as he sometimes writes it) has lived his life solely on overcoming obstacles that contin

ued to get in his way. Whether it was no one believing in his musical ability growing up, getting bullied at a young age, or always being able to say “no” under peer pressure to drugs and alcohol. Wrath always found a way to overcome any given situation. Wrath has been able to take his every day life experiences and incorporate them in his music. Staying true to himself and his love of real hip hop, pop, and rock, Wrath brings a different sound to the table adding a inspirational touch to mostly all his lyrics. “I live by the words ‘you can’t drag me down!'” Wrath says to all his naysayers and non-supporters that continue to try and discourage him. Wearing a backwards hat, and keys on his belt loop to symbolize that one day, he will find the key to success, and open a door that will lead him to a better and brighter future, Wrath shows that nothing is impossible if you set your mind to it and never give up. Stopping at nothing to make his dreams …a reality!

Some of his recent accomplishments are
His music video “Stay Strong” premiering on Video Music Box on Sept. 27th. at 12:10am

Performing and Opening for “The Cover Girls” in the Bronx

Performed on The Diamante Show

Performed on Open Fridays


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