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I have a saying called, Treat Them Like They’re Spielberg

This saying is my way of reminding myself that I can never know who the person that I’m dealing, or speaking with right now, will be tomorrow. Steven Spielberg was just like me at one point. He was eager, willing to learn, hard working, and driven. Eventually he became the powerhouse that he is today.

Now just take a moment to think about what his rise to the top might have been like, especially when word of mouth, and not the internet was king.

He probably had to break his back to get noticed, and most likely, a more established filmmaker at the time, blew him and his ideas off with a “Who Is This Guy” attitude.

Never being discourage Steven continued on his mission to be a great filmmaker. Some time passes and Steven’s professional stock surpasses the stock of that person that blew him off so many years before.

Now comes time for one of Steven’s, now classic, films to go into production, and he’s looking for lets say a director. In walks that one person, you know, the guy that had the “Who Is This Guy” attitude. This guy’s eyes light up because he remembers when Steven was a young filmmaker trying to make his mark, he thinks to himself that he’s a shoe in for this gig, then without a hint of hesitation Steven says to his team “No Not Him”, then the team leader says thank you we’ll be in touch.

The guy leaves and never gets a call from Spielberg’s people, and can’t, for the life of him figure out why, hey he thought that they we’re OK at least.

Moral of the story is that you should always deal with people with the upmost respect because you can never tell if they will be the next powerhouse person that you may want to work with and who has major pull in the same career that your trying to exploit. Hence the saying ‘Treat Them Like They’re Spielberg’, well at least until they prove themselves otherwise.

D.Jus Riley


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