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Shannon Ihrke Maxim’s Top Hometown Hotties Top 10 Finalist Live!

Marine veteran, now professional model, Shannon Ihrke on this week. If you haven’t heard already, or if you aren’t one of her 11,000+ subscribers, she’s on her GRIND! She’s been a ring girl for MMA leagues, she’s been published in numerous magazines (i.e. Fight Magazine), and she was a Maxim’s Hometown Hotties Top 10 Finalist. You can find her on Twitter and her website www.shannonihrke.com . Even though she’s getting pretty high notoriety, you can hear that she’s still down to earth and still deeply appreciative of her service. Btw, she was a Marine Sergeant, how badass is that? Cool fact: she served under Melissa Laroue :) ….Well, I can keep writing here but the podcast is much MORE FUN to listen to…..So, here! www.VeteranEmpire.com 



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